Ferrati Peace Club
Ferrati Peace Club is a collection of 6,720 unique, programmatically generated Ferret NFTs that live on the Polygon blockchain! Take a part in this community where we will make great things happen! Your Ferrati NFT will grant access to member exclusive channels.
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Total: 0/6,720 Ferratis are adopted!
Round 1 & 2: 1344/ 1344 Ferratis
All of Round 1 & 2 Ferratis are adopted!
Round 3: -1344/-1344 Ferratis
View your Ferrati or adopt more on the secondary market in our OpenSea collection
Membership Benefits

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Ferrati Profile Token

You will be part of the exclusive club of peace lovers that will unite and use the funds that are made to bring more peace into the world. We will help non-profit organizations and people suffering from no peace and fight people that don't like peace!


You can join the exclusive Ferrati Peace Club (FPC). Join our discord channel where you can socialize with other ferratis and be part of airdrops, giveaways and more!


You'll get a free Ferrati Profile Token for each Ferrati you own. You will be able to claim the Ferrati Profile Token when we reach our goal. We'll be using these for profile images on discord ;))


You'll get discounts on Ferrati merchandise! T-shirts, mugs, and miniatures will all be coming soon!


You're in for the Ferrati Lottery. 120 Ferratis will be airdropped to random Ferrati owners and you could also win polygon MATIC by chance!


2.67% of secondary sales will go to the community pool! We'll be spending them to make peace and save the world!


6.72% of the FPC community profit will be sent out as dividends to each Ferrati holders. Very communal!


10% SOLD

We will reinvest the money raised with the project on marketing, such as press releases, influencers and etc., to expose and legitimize our community. Yay marketing!

20% SOLD

We will give away 9 rarest Ferratis to random holders. You will like it because it will be so rare!

40% SOLD

6720 MATIC will be used from our FPC funds to start partnering with brands to create exclusive FPC merchandise for Ferrati owners. So exclusive!

50% SOLD

All holders have a chance to win some pure MATIC. 6720 MATIC will be distributed accordingly among 14 winners. So lucky!

  • 1st (1 winners): 2000 MATIC
  • 2nd (1 winners): 600 MATIC
  • 3rd (1 winners): 200 MATIC
  • 4th (1 winners): 60 MATIC
  • 5th (10 winners): 47 MATIC
60% SOLD

We will give away 17 rarest Ferratis to random holders. So cool!

80% SOLD

We will give away 22 rarest Ferratis to random holders. Hooray to 22 super lucky Ferratis!

90% SOLD

67200 MATIC will be used from our FPC funds to create an online store that sells and promotes peace to the world - profits will be shared amongst Ferrati holders. Lets fight for peace and love!

100% SOLD

All holders have a chance to win a large amount of MATIC. 67200 MATIC will be distributed accordingly amount 14 winners. Wow, so so lucky!

  • 1st (1 winners): 23600 MATIC
  • 2nd (1 winners): 16720 MATIC
  • 3rd (1 winners): 13440 MATIC
  • 4th (1 winners): 6720 MATIC
  • 5th (10 winners): 672 MATIC

Ferratis are cute ferret-like creatures that live on the Polygon blockchain, and they love peace. They absolutely love it. So, if there is anything that tries to even think about harming peace, Ferratis will fight and hunt them down since they are masters of kick-boxing and friendship.
Ferrati Peace Club (FPC)
The Ferrati Peace Club is made of 6,720 cute ferratis that really, really love peace - even more than the other ferratis. FPC is a community where ferratis socialize and find ways to defend peace even more. One wise FPC member realized that peace is best defended with money so now ferratis work together to make money to make peace. The money that is made together is shared so that each FPC ferrati can make more peace when they are alone.
Numbers 2, 6 and 7
For ferratis and FPC in general, the numbers 2, 6, 7 are sacred numbers. It will be slowly revealed as FPC keeps spreading love and peace into the world. So keep defending peace and you will soon find out. So mysterious!
FPC's main goal is to make more peace. But FPC also likes socializing and when socializing they like discussing new ideas, saving the environment, protecting democracy, and not to forget, how to make even more peace.

What’s an NFT?
An NFT stands for “Non-fungible token” and is a fancy way of saying it’s a unique, one of a kind digital item that users can buy, own, and trade.
How can I mint (adopt) a Ferrati?
In order to adopt a new Ferrati, you need to have a crypto-wallet such as Metamask where you could store your crypto currencies and NFTs tokens. Learn more about Metamask and get the install link here - https://metamask.io/ At the time of purchase, a randomly selected Ferrati will be minted on the blockchain and delivered to your wallet and Opensea account. Make sure you only buy from a verified collection!
How many Ferratis can I adopt?
You can adopt upto 20 Ferratis per Polygon wallet. These Ferratis are not comfortable having too many of them in one spot.
What is the Price to adopt a Ferrati?
Each time you adopt a Ferrati, there is an adoption fee of 67.2 MATIC plus the gas fee. You can adopt up to 20 Ferratis in a single transaction.
Why am I being asked to pay GAS?
GAS is the price you pay in order to complete a transaction on the Polygon blockchain. It is NOT something we set and none of it comes to us. GAS prices may vary frequently based on the network congestion at that point in time.
Where will I see my Ferrati(s) after minting?
Your Ferrati(s) will appear in your Profile on Opensea (https://opensea.io/). Make sure you connect to Opensea with the same wallet address that you use to adopt your Ferrati(s) with. If you don’t see the Ferrati in your Profile immediately, please check your Account Activity tab on Opensea to ensure your adoption shows up there.

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